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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Murmuring that Creeps into the Life of a Wandering Soul, Part II

Taken on 3/30/10. Though overexposed, I like the effect.
If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that occasionally I post a haiku I've written to start my day. For me, the melody of a short wandering into nature inspires my creativity and curiosity, essential qualities when writing is the order of the day.

So, picking up where the "Murmuring that Creeps into the Life of a Wandering Soul" left off in November, here is Part II which tiptoes into, sometimes sloshes through, my journey this past autumn and winter. Each one inspired me to write, to dream, and to contemplate. I hope they do the same for you.

you cannot see me
count autumn seeds as I weave
snowflakes on the pond

can you hear the wind?
come away from the window
when gears fray my mind

I have forgotten
whispers that I did not hear
hide but do not lie

cold and innocent
snow melts on my tongue

white blanket glistens
hear the sparkling madness cry
moonlight on the snow

hide from the sunlight
and heed the moonbeams that cry
angels in the snow

snow does not glisten
when seeds rot upon the ground
the juncos have gone

ice runs as rivers
and the sky sheds thawed tears
do not speak of spring

snow melts on maples
and tiny golden speckles
weep onto the field

I dreamed of darkness
man with painted face chased me
then I thought of you


As always, I love to hear from you. If you’re in the cyber-neighborhood, drop me a line.

In the meantime, keep writing, reading, and smiling.
It’s contagious.


Tracy Mangold said...

LOVE the picture. LOVE the writing. I swear, we are so like-minded in what inspires us and moves us. You are a kindred soul, I am proud to say. Wonderful imagery. I want to see this writing in a book so I can buy it and read it ALL the time (even when away from the computer). :)

J.E. Seanachaí said...

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments!

I'm always amazed by how much I can find in common with other people simply by reading their inner thoughts and feelings. I love it when upon reading someone's work I can say, "Hey, I've noticed that before," or "You're kidding, I thought I was the only person who ever felt that way."

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