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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hal Is Dead

Hal Is Dead

YES, IT'S TRUE. My computer took a train to Cincinnati or Happy Dale or wherever it is that computers go when they decide to part from their masters.

Although I can't begin to tell you how upset I am—Hal and I had a stimulating, four-year relationship—I do want to share a few things I learned this week while being "unplugged."

  1. The Internet is nothing more than a distraction. Granted, it has its pros AND cons like anything else, but I can't say I've missed it.
  2. The world will pass you by if you let it. Stop talking or driving or writing or playing with the computer or whatever it is that you're doing, so you can watch, LISTEN, and dream.
  3. Everything is not all about me. Other human beings are walking around out there. Enough said.
  4. Your environment will control you if you let it. Domineering people are best left under the rock where they live and insurmountable problems are best met head-on. In other words, don't let negativity get the best of you.
  5. Nice people really do exist. You may think it odd that I mention this, but for me this has been the most important lesson I've learned this week. After a scarring experience I had with a funeral-home employee about two weeks ago (yeah, really), I had given up on the human race and was ready to renounce my own humanity. What changed me? Two remarkable people. 
    • Person #1, who knows I am a starving artist, offered me the use of her computer to check my email and write my weekly blog posts until I can get my life in order. Yeah, really.
    • Person #2, a new acquaintance, drove out to my house twice (I live in the middle of nowhere), carted Hal all over the countryside in his attempt to fix him and price parts (we both eventually decided that Hal wasn't worth fixing), and sympathized with me on the phone and my doorstep at least five times about the whole situation. Not only that, but after the madness was over he insisted he did NOTHING. Yeah, really.

As you can see, I've had quite the emotional roller-coaster ride these past two weeks. Yet, despite the problems and the losses, I can't help but think I'm lucky that Hal did take that train.

I've gotten back my life, my hope, and my humanity.


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Matt said...

What an awful shame, I so look forward to your posts as they come about. Hopefully you'll still maintain your online presence, even if it is less than we'd like to see.

J.E. Seanachaí said...

Thanks, Matt!

I've missed being in touch with everyone these past few weeks. On the plus side, I've been able to accomplish a lot in my writing and in my life.

The second bit of good news is that I've found a replacement for Hal, and I hope to be online on a more regular basis within the next couple of weeks. I'm just waiting on a certain computer-savvy individual to hook up my DSL connection. LOL!

robinintheuk said...

What a fabulous post. I was without my laptop for a day this week. The Hard Drive developed an illness with no cure. It, however, has been replaced with another healthier one. On the day it was being installed, I found myself pacing around the kitchen, while chastising myself for being hopelessly pathetic. I, finally, took the dog for a walk. I take the dog for a walk every day, but there was no rush to get back to the internet on this day. I, needless to say, noticed there is a burgeoning natural life out there just waiting to be discovered, observed, celebrated...Did you know there are already buds on the magnolia trees??

I have had to accept the fact that I may be suffering from addiction. Acceptance is the first step.

You have put my newly discovered feelings into words. Thank you.

J.E. Seanachaí said...

Hello and thank you for the lovely comment!

I, too, didn't realize how much of my life and the world I had been missing until it was forced upon me. At first I was annoyed, perhaps a little irritated, but as the months wore on and my laughter and smiling increased tenfold, I realized for the first time in a long while that I was LIVING. What a wonderful dream life can be when you become part of it!

With all that said, though, and with all of the lessons I've learned and all of my computer problems finally resolved, I do believe I'll be able to create a balance between reality (that wonderful world of EXPERIENCE) and illusion (that cyber-world that's a little too gray and a little too orderly sometimes).

Here's to smiling and getting your hands dirty!

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