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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Murmuring that Creeps into the Life of a Wandering Soul, Part III

You know the drill by now. Besides, I cut my finger this morning, so typing is a challenge.



 whisper to the trees
and watch the blushing flowers
fall onto the snow

still, grey sky above
scent of rain from my guitar
ginger in a jar

stand alone in sand
the sun burns the painted egg
dancing in a glass

A haiku for Tina
berries on the vine
blood flowing from my fingers
taste the warm, ripe fruit

5/19/10  The Moon
crooning in the night
closes his eyes and hammers
a hole in the moon

nails jam in wet earth
last song of spring pools in fields
bleeds onto my hands

click of the shutter
and the scent of lavender
beneath the bright moon

dog barks at the moon
man growls and grabs club to strike 
frogs croaking at night

his hat's in the trash
she's alone and free tonight
no tears--just a fox

drains the coffee cup
picks up his pencil and breathes
life in the tired world


If you enjoyed the moon photo, you can view more from my moon album.


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