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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunflower Footsteps

I have great news. My first book, Dead Bird in the Weeds, was published on June 3, 2009.

Dead Bird in the Weeds is a work of historical fiction recounting the 1798 rebellion in Ireland. Set in Wexford, the story relates the tale of a courageous young woman named Aisling Doran who joins the revolutionary United Irishmen to wage war for liberty. This literary work was inspired by my Irish heritage and love of history and folklore. Dead Bird in the Weeds is not solely for those interested in Irish history, nor is it exclusively for those drawn to stories of rebellion. It is a tale that also encompasses additional facets of the human existence such as betrayal, courage, and self-worth.

My colleague, E. Michaels, began a writing career with The Mysterious House, the first book in the Fox Mystery Series for children. It’s a story about three fifth graders and their discovery of a mystery surrounding an old, abandoned house. The Mysterious House urges children to read by engrossing them in solving a puzzling neighborhood mystery. Although published in 2009 as an introductory title, The Mysterious House dates back more than two decades. It was first written as a serial story for the author’s children.

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